High School peacemaking and mentorship facilitator training

A short Peacemapping demo during a facilitor training for the Agape-Satyagraha program at the Prince of Peace Church in Littleton, CO. This program is part of an outreach program for Aurora Central High School, to teach students how to resolve conflicts without the use of violence.  ACHS is one of the most multicultural, multi-ethnic schools in the state of Colorado, and has many refugee students who speak more than 40 or 50 different languages. – January 2014


Workshop for World Denver with Libyan youth

World Denver is an organization that promotes active citizen diplomacy. World Denver hosted – in collaboration with World Learning – a delegation of six exchange students from Libya, as part of the Christopher Stevens Network Program for Libyan Youth on Peace Building and Conflict Resolution. The program was sponsored by the United States Department of State.

In this PeaceMapping workshop students are practicing listening, reflecting, synthesizing and visualization skills by drawing on the walls. They created a visual biography map around three guiding questions.



ThinkTank Biennial of the Americas

The Biennial of the Americas is an international festival of ideas, art, and culture hosted in Denver, Colorado, that provides a nonpartisan platform for leaders in business, government, civil society, and the arts to examine the significant issues impacting life in the Americas.

From July 16-19 2013 the Biennial brought together leaders from throughout the Americas for four days of thought-provoking symposia and peer-to-peer workshops (called clínicas) to explore the theme – Unleashing Human Potential: Reinventing Communities, Business, and Education.

The Biennial hired five graphic recorders over three days to create a graphic impression of the rich exchange of thoughts and ideas during the nine clinicas. I recorded three of those sessions. Here are some pictures of the resulting maps:


SketchVideos for training program of the Conflict Center

New Service!

SketchVideos are my version of  whiteboard animations and video scribing services to create clear, meaningful and lively illustrations of conceptual information. Since the RSA Animate and Story of Stuff videos these digital storytelling formats have become very popular to communicate a wide range of messages and to reach a variety of audiences.  The live drawing process captures and holds people’s attention. It’s a magnetic starting point for successful communication, training and conversation.

This video is one of a series of 13 videos for the Conflict Center in Denver. The videos are created for their online training programs for teens in Emotional Intelligence And Critical Decisionmaking.

YouTube Preview Image

The design process is very similar to other projects in which I get to participate as a Visual Thinking Partner. It’s highly collaborative. I define with my clients what the core message is in words and explore what that might look like. I attend the actual in-person trainings at the Conflict Center to harvest words, images and examples in a tone of voice that matches the approach of the trainers. From these notes I write the script. After the client’s approval I get to draw. This time not on large sheets of paper, but on my Ipad. I draw and record the visual story with digital tools. We review the first edit to include  valuable feedback of my client. Trainers of the Conflict Center read the scripts for the voice-over. My client even hired a local musician for the musical sound tracks. Then there is nitty-gritty work to do to edit the video and synchronize the visuals with the sound into a flowing end-product, the SketchVideo.

How are SketchVideos different from other similar video formats?
• Collaborative process
• Real Time Listening during (online) event or training
• Script and Visuals not scripted-by-the-frame in advance, but emerge in a fluid creative process. This leaves room for surprising, playful and non-linear interpretation.
• Illustrative quality combined with quick sketchy images gives a dynamic and one-of-a kind look.
• Beyond stick figures and cartoons, yet not too realistic,  to leave room for the viewer and to keep the focus on the essence of the message and the connection with the audience.
• Created with artful awareness and a passion to empower people through meaningful information.


GoodMoodWarrior Dolls – support for Half the Sky Movement

For more information about this micro-activism project, visit GoodMoodWarriordolls.

If  one of the dolls come to your house and you think she needs a new booklet, please download it here and print it. Thanks!

Training Visuals for The Conflict Center – Denver

The Conflict Center in Denver hired me as their visual thinking partner for a training for Littleton Public Schools teachers about Restorative Justice and  the Goals of Misbehavior.


I drew four flip charts in advance to illustrate the key concepts, based on a conversation with the two trainers and their Powerpoint slides. The Conflict Center will use these images for future training materials.


These large maps express the essence of the group conversation during the training and a World Cafe session, both captured in real time. The original maps stayed with the school, as a visual reminder for the teachers and a conversation piece with students.

















Presentation at the Colorado Statewide ADR Conference

Flip chart panels from my presentation at the Colorado Statewide ADR Conference of the Colorado Bar Association, on October 30, 2012 in Denver.

“See the Big Picture – Graphic recording as a method for visual conflict resolution and collaborative meetings”

























A live demonstration during break out session 1, topic 4: “Tips for Building a Muscular and Efficient Commercial Arbitration Process: Avoiding Litigation Lite”



Partnership with Oval Options Conflict Consulting

October is Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado.
Oval Options is a conflict management consulting firm in Denver. Together we have a unique expertise to create engaging and transformative meetings that deliver structural results for organizations that are ready to invest in systematic conflict prevention and conflict resolution strategies.

We have a special offer, and we have just decided to extend it until November the 30st. 

New! Visual mediation sessions in Denver


Stuck in Conflict? Can’t see the forest for the trees?

I can help you to draw out the pieces and see the way through your conflict. You can do an individual session to clarify some issues, and to brainstorm on possible strategies. You can also come together with the other person(s) that you are in conflict with, so you can do this together.

Sessions available in my mapping studio in the Denver Tech Center or via Skype. Prices start at $150.

Wall Street Journal features business sketching

Signs of a growing comfort level in corporate business to support collaboration and innovation. Graphic recording and sticky notes are in demand!

“Doodling for Dollars” – Wall Street Journal April 25, 2012

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